1. Wednesday April, 11th, 2012

    Spotify arrives on Facebook Fan Pages!


    We are super thrilled to announce that musicians on Facebook can now embed the Spotify Play Button music player directly on their Facebook Fan Page through a new integration with our Facebook Page Builder!

    FanRx was a launch partner for Spotify’s new “Play Button”, which was released today. The Spotify Play Button harnesses the power of Spotify’s desktop application to make music available on web pages, operating seamlessly with the desktop client. 

    Superstar musicians such as The Killers, Train, Eric Church, The Wanted and Neon Trees are already utilizing the integration on their Facebook Pages – and beginning today, any musician can take advantage of the integration to place music on their Facebook Page.

    Wanna add Spotify tracks to your Page? Visit your Page Manager and add or modify an audio module to get started!

  2. Friday March, 30th, 2012

    Important: Exciting Updates!

    imageHello all -

    Today is a very big and exciting day for us on many accounts.

    In the coming days we’ll publish more blog posts detailing individually all of the cool changes we’re making, but here is an overview:

    1. We’re excited to announce that over 225,000 bands, brands and other entities are now using our products in just under a year since our public launch!

    2. We’ve renamed ourselves to FanRx today!  We thought that was appropriate because of all the different types of entities using our apps now.  Music is still our forte but we’re excited to officially begin supporting many other types of entities including TV, Film, Radio, Festivals, Celebrities, Politicians, Fashion, Consumer Brands and much more. What do all these have in common?  FANS!

    3. We’ve completely redesigned and relaunched our Facebook Page Builder app to support Timeline today - which is officially launching on Facebook today!  There are new features including custom colored themes, widescreen and 2 column layouts and now you can even use each module more than once!   You could have 10 banners if you wanted (but, please, don’t be ridiculous!).  Some of the new features are part of our new Premium tier but all your favorite features are still free and ALWAYS will be forever (and even some new features like the 2 column layout are free too!).

    4. We’ve completely rebuilt and relaunched our website and changed the URL too - check it out at FanRx.com

    We’d love to hear your feedback on everything to help continually improve our products for you guys.


    David and the FanRx Team

  3. Wednesday February, 1st, 2012

    BandRx now supports 18 languages!

    We are excited to announce that BandRx now supports 18 languages!  We would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped us translate our app last month.

    All pages with BandRx installed will now automatically detect the visiting user’s country and Facebook language setting, and display the appropriate corresponding language.

    Below is the list of languages we support. You can still submit translations for other languages by clicking here. We’re interested in translations for all langauges! Korean and Hindi are two in particular that have high demand.

    • imageGreek
    • Serbian
    • Portuguese
    • Ukrainian
    • Swedish
    • Norwegian
    • Catalan
    • Dutch
    • Romainian
    • Italian
    • Arabic
    • Spanish
    • Polish
    • Thai
    • Hebrew
    • French
    • German
  4. Monday January, 2nd, 2012

    We’re translating BandRx and need your help!


    As BandRx’s appeal continues to grow internationally, we’re planning to expand our application’s support for other languages. 

    If you know another language and wanna help out, we’ve put together a simple form you can fill out to help translate the text found in our app!

    Thanks so much for your help!

  5. Monday January, 2nd, 2012

    Share your songs and videos on more social networks

    imageBy default, songs and videos you add to BandRx are accompanied by a Facebook “Like” button.

    We’ve heard from some of you that you’d rather have a more generic “Share” button that lets users not only “Like” the content, but also Tweet it, “+1” it or Send it.

    And now, this is possible! To enable this functionality click the “Modify Settings” link toward the upper right of your Page Manager, and indicate that you want to display “share” buttons.

  6. Thursday December, 8th, 2011

    Contest Module: Add multiple custom fields

    imageThe BandRx contest module is among our most popular features, and this week we’re psyched to introduce a new enhancement to the module!

    You can now add multiple “custom fields”, and specify whether or not each field is required.

    This is very useful if you’re running a contest or giveaway that requires more details than just name, email & shipping information from the fans entering your contest.

  7. Tuesday December, 6th, 2011

    New Module! “Recommended Pages”


    This week we’re excited to unveil the “Recommended Pages” module, which allows you to display links and “Like” buttons for other Pages on Facebook that you recommend. This is perfect for showcasing sponsors, similar musicians, record label pages and more.

    Visit your Page Manager to check it out, and let us know what you think!

  8. Monday December, 5th, 2011

    Feature Enhancements: Spotify & Google+ links added to Info Module


    We’ve just rolled out some additions and enhancements to two of our popular modules.

    The “Info Module”, which allows you to display things like your bio and band members, also lets you specify the links to your various social networking presences, like Twitter or YouTube.

    Given the recent debut of Google+, and Spotify’s launch in the States, we decided it makes sense to add these two networks to the list of options. So, if you have a G+ Page, or a Spotify Account you’d like to share, feel free to add your links now!

    Also: We’ve just added a “View More” button to the Wall module so that users can view more past posts from your Facebook Page.

  9. Monday November, 28th, 2011

    Facebook Events “RSVP” support added!

    imageWe’ve heard from many of you that you’d like for your fans to be able to RSVP to Facebook Events from directly within your BandRx tab - and now, they can!

    The new “RSVP” button to the left of the “View Details” button on each of your Facebook Events will automatically RSVP fans to the event on their behalf.

  10. Monday November, 28th, 2011

    Spotted: Britney’s Birthday Contest

    imageDid you know Britney’s turning 30 next month? Brit’s fans are being given the unique opportunity to submit a video entry wishing her a happy birthday on her Facebook Page - and a video compilation of the entries will be played at Britney’s big bash next month!

    Click here to check out this neat use of the BandRx contest feature in action!

    Also Spotted: Ryan Seacrest recently flew a fan to LA to see Lady Gaga using a contest on his BandRx tab, while Gym Class Heroes launched their new album via their Facebook Page.